Bike pooling in Mumbai | Best Bike pooling app in Mumbai

Bike pooling in Mumbai

Mumbai “The city of dreams” is one of the most beautiful cities in India. It is the second most populated city in India and famous for well-known film industry “Bollywood”. Mumbai is also a financial capital of India that attracts tourist from all over the world. It has some popular location that is the center of attraction to this city. Mumbai is the home of almost every celebrities like amitabh bachchan, shahrukh khan, salman khan etc. Asia’s richest man “Mukesh ambani” also reside in this beautiful city. So Mumbai is full of glamour and that’s why most of tourists come to visit this place. Read the full article on bike pooling in Mumbai 

Bike pooling in Mumbai

Being the second most populated city in India, the people of this city are always in a hurry to reach their destination on time. Mumbai has excellent public transportation system like metros, local trains, buses etc. but still this city faces traffic congestion as it receives lots of footfall throughout the year. The popularity of city has increased a lot in recent years, and according to the recent report the number of vehicles are increasing tremendously, and because of that traffic congestion is the major problem for all the people who are residing in this city.

People who regularly travel on the busy route really know how difficult is to travel through such routes. Some of the areas like bandra west, Malabar hill, altamount road, powai, are some of the popular places which are mostly crowded with people. Traffic congestion was the major problems which are faced by cities that are highly populated. And controlling jam isn’t an easy task, but the fresh new concept changed the scenario of Mumbai as well.

Bike pooling or bike sharing is the most effective way to control vehicle on busy roads. Bike pooling means sharing rides with the fellow rider who will go to the same place where the rider is going. It reduces the number of vehicles on road and at the same time it cost lesser than public transports because the fuel charges are equally split by both the parties.

So bike pooling is not only helpful in reducing the number of vehicle, but it also reduces the carbon emission so it is one of the eco-friendly solutions for this problem. So if you are an office goers or traveler you very well know the hardship of travelling through busy routes but bike poolers have really changed the life of regular travelers and office goers. It not only helps you to reach your destination on time but it is also helpful in reducing air pollution as well.

With the help of bike pooling commuting becomes very simpler, through rpool one can find the fellow rider and share its ride with them. it is safe in use, because the profiles are well verified and after completing some steps then only they can share their rides. It also offers multiple payment option which makes the bike pooling even easier. So in short, bike pooling is helpful in addressing the problems like air pollution, higher number of vehicles, traffic jam etc.

Over the years the demand for bike pooler has increased at lot, because the people are finding this solution effective. Because it is cheaper than other modes of transport and it helps the people to reach the desired location on time. So if you are also fed of travelling through busy roads then you can also use bike pooling. So here in this piece of writing I will now mention some of the popular routes in Mumbai.


Popular routes – bike pooling  in Mumbai

  • Andheri – EastPowai:-

As we all know Mumbai is the most beautiful city in India, and some of the area in Mumbai is mostly crowded. It is 6km long route and because of densely population this route is really hectic to cross. Due to traffic congestion it becomes really annoying people to cross such roads. Person who commute on the daily basis really know the pain of crossing this short route.  Thanks to bike pooling it changed the way of office goers and travelers who cross such hectic road on the daily basis. With the use of bike pooling they can reduce the time of travelling and can reach to their desired location on time. Sharing rides is one of the easiest solutions because two-wheelers can take short cuts and reach the destination on time.

  • Vile Parle – Eastjuhu:-

Another popular area in Mumbai is “Juhu”, people from all over the world come to explore the beauty of this city. Juhu beach is the center of attraction of tourist, so the travelers to this area are too large. Vile parle is actually a residential area, and it is overpopulated, although the route is just 6km long but it is highly congested and really difficult to cross. But when the bike pooling concept came in light, it changed the life of office goers and travelers. So one can easily cross this busy route quickly and most interestingly it is even cost effective, so you can reach to your desired location at a lesser price and lesser time.

  • Santacruz – EastWorli:-

Traffic congestion is the major problem that is mostly faced by over populated cities and Mumbai is the second populated city in India. So addressing this problem was the challenging task for the government. The santacruz east to worli is another famous route in Mumbai, it is popular for the Bandar Worli sea link because going through this route saves time. Due to the rapid increment in vehicles it leads to heavy traffic congestion to this area. People who travel thorough this route on the daily basis faces a serious trouble of traffic jam. But bike pooling is efficiently addressing this problem and also helps in reducing the carbon emission. Bike pooling is not only helpful in solving the traffic related issue, but it also helps in reducing the pollution that is most caused by vehicle.

  • Vikhroli – WestPowai:-

It is basically an upmarket residential area, and it is also an over-populated area and travelling through this route is a hectic task. The distance between Vikhroli west and powai is just 4km but this short distance is actually not as short as it looks. Due to traffic congestion it takes a lot of time to reach at this location.  As the number of vehicles have increased at a great rate, so this route is dealing with heavy traffic jam and air pollution. But bike pooling addresses the problem of this heavy jam and air pollution. So if you are also a regular traveler then bike pooling can help you to cover this route in lesser time and at a lesser price.

  • Mira Road – Kandivali West:-

It is one of the busiest areas in Mumbai,  kandivali west is actually a residential area where many people reside. The distance between mira road and kandivali west is 14km and travelling during peak hours to this route is equivalent to a nightmare. But after the concept of bike pooling, some extent the problem of this route has solved. Sharing ride with a fellow rider, and after completing the route the fuel price is split. So bike sharing is the easiest method to cover such hectic or congested route.

  • Vile Parle – EastWadala:-

This area is densely populated, and the distance from vile parle to east wadala is 14km long, and during peak hours, the traffic slows down as a snail. The route is pretty long and traffic congestion doubled the timing of reaching this area. The travelers who regularly travel through this route pretty well know the traffic condition of the route. But with the help of bike pooling one can reach to their destination quickly. It is also helpful in controlling the number of vehicles and carbon emission in the city.

Fares – Bike pooling in Mumbai

ORIGIN DESTINATION Fares variation Fare variation
Andheri East Powai 3520
Vile Parle East Juhu 4035
Santacruz East Worli 6040
Vikhroli West Powai 5048
Mira Road Kandivali West 4540
Vile Parle East Wadala 4036

Traffic congestion and pollution are not a problem of limited cities, over the years most of cities are so populated and it leads to heavy jam on certain routes and alternatively it creates air pollution. Certain measures have been taken by the government to reduce the number of vehicle so that they can control the traffic congestion but not even public transportation is able to solve this major problem. But after the fresh new concept that is “bike pooling” where the rider share its ride from the fellow rider and after the completion of the ride they split the fuel prices. The bike poolers are really helpful in decongesting the traffic jam and now the demand for bike sharing has increased among youngsters, because two wheelers can easily take short cuts and reach to the destination faster than any other modes of transportation.

FAQ  on Bike pooling (Frequently asked questions):-

  • What do you mean by Bike pooling?

Bikepooling is actually an online platform that is established to cope up with traffic issue, it connects riders with pillow rider so both can reach their destination quickly and at a lesser rate.

  • What does carpooling means?

It simply means sharing one vehicle, in carpooling the car owner chooses its fellow rider who will go to the same route, they share the fuel prices and can reach their destination quickly. This help in decreasing the rate of pollution and number of vehicles.

  • What is the difference between Bike pooling and carpooling cab services?

bikepooling doesn’t offer cab service, it is just an online platform that connect rider with the fellow rider.

  • How does bike pooling works?

Any car owner who want to share its vehicle to the fellow rider who want to go  to the same place where he is going, so they first register themselves in bikepooling and when both the part mutually accept it other invitation they can drive the car. It is a secure platform, both parties can chat and call each other but the phone number isn’t visible to any one of them. Once the ride is completed both the parties get points.

  • What do you understand by bike pooling wallet?

Bikepooling wallet means a payment method, where users can seamlessly transect when they ride the vehicle.

  • What does Bike pooling points means? And what is the use of such points?

When the ride gets completed both the parties get points or rewards which can be used as a shopping vouchers or cards. It can also be used while transecting for the trip.

  • What are benefits that rider gets from bike pooling?

The users get more benefits as they can spilt the amount of travelling, it also help them to reduce the pollution and number of vehicle on the road. With this platform they can reach at their destination quickly.

  • Is such platform is secure?

It is open for professional rider, before anything they first verify the users with its corporate email. They even make sure the chat and call are done privately and the numbers is also not visible to the riders as well.

  • What does recurring trip means?

Posting daily trip is a hectic task so recurring trip auto generates the daily commute between driver and fellow driver.

  • Can anyone alter its recurring trip?

Yes, it allows you to cancel you single trip, but it also recommend to stop the recurring trip when you are not available for multiple days.

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