Bike pooling in Kolkata | Best Bike pooling app in Kolkata

Bike pooling in Kolkata

Kolkata or Calcutta is one of the most famous cities of India, it is capital city of west Bengal and one of the metropolitan cities of India. From good food to good monuments this city wins the heart of not only Indians but across the countries. Most of people visit this day and many of them even get settled in it, so that can also be the reason of its over population. It a sweetest part of India, that is reason many tourist from different countries visit this place and explore the mysterious and beautiful place “kolkata”. Check out the article on Bike pooling in Kolkata

Bike pooling in Kolkata

This city has a unique charm, this is a place where tradition meets with modern world and creates an every lasting effect in the heart of visitor. It is a gateway of eastern India, and one of the important hubs in terms of political, economic and business. most of the people visit this place almost daily for business purpose that is the reason it has emerged as one of the busiest cities of the country.

This place is a birthday place of famous revolutionary thoughts and literacy meets like Rabindranath Tagore etc. people who like historical places and want to experience the old or tradition India then Kolkata is the place that is a beautiful combination of tradition India with modern facilities. Travelers across the worth come and feel the ancient India and get the most immense feeling that ever last with them.

As I have written above that Kolkata has a unique charm that can only be understood by visiting this amazing city. This city gives you the experience of corporate professional and at the same time the struggling life of aged inhabitants. As we all know before Delhi, Kolkata was the capital of India. It has many fascinating story that can attract and impress anyone.

But being the most beautiful and authenticate city, this city faces the two major problems which are air pollution and over population. It is one of the metropolitan cities of India, hence it is also densely populated and due to over pollution, it creates a major problem of traffic congestion. Kolkata has good public transport system like local trains, metros but still these public transports are also not able to cope up with the problem of traffic issue. People who reside or come to visit this city get annoyed due to its traffic problem and most of time they are not able to cover up the busy route within an hour itself. So solving this problem was the major issue that has been raised in Kolkata as well.


Kolkata is also famous for its famous monuments from the old period, the world famous monuments “Victoria memorial” that was built with premium marbles but according to the recent report it is turning into grey due to traffic pollution. Kolkata has become the hub of information technology sector and other related industries and due to this traffic jam has become more horrendous.

Over the last few years there has an enormous increment in the population and pollution. The number of vehicles also increased tremendously. This leads to traffic jam, poor air quality, crowded roads, and many more.

The modern or new concept that changed the scenario of Kolkata is “ bike pooling in Kolkata” it means sharing rides, before talking about anything else lets understand the meaning of bike pooling. It means sharing ride with the fellow riders, here in this concept the rider share its vehicle with the fellow rider who want to go to the same place where the rider is going. They communicate with each other through rpool and share the fuel price and reach their destination quickly.

Bike pooling is one of the most effective way to cope up with the problem of traffic congestion and pollution. By sharing bike you can decrease the number of vehicles on the road, overall fuel consumption, pollution level etc. due to this smart solution it also help the environment to stay greener by reducing the number of vehicle and pollution as well. It is safe and secure, when you commute with the fellow rider your phone number is not visible. Only the well- verified profile can access to bike pooling app and for getting verified they have to add some details that will be safe in the app itself. Both the parties can communicate with each other through call and chat but numbers of both the parties isn’t visible to each other. so it safe and secure and at the same time it is cost effective.

There are some important locations in Kolkata which are most crowded with vehicle and pedestrians. To reach such place it takes a lot of time but with bike pooling you can each to such places quickly and at a lesser price.

Popular locations – Bike pooling app in  Kolkata

New Town – Eco Park:-

This is one of the most famous locations in Kolkata, every day lot of people come to visit this amazing place, but sadly to reach this place you need to put a lot of time because of traffic congestion. If you are travelling via train, or bus it will take a lot of time. But with bike pooling you can easily commute from one place to another so it a better option to travel without going through the hectic route, with bike pooling you can quickly reach to this place as well.

Nicco – Park:-

Nicco Park is actually a beautiful amusement park that receives great footfall on the daily basis. People reach this place via cars, or bus, but as it is a famous amusement park of Kolkata its routes are mostly congested. But with bike pooling you can go to this amusing park in a less time and at a lesser cost.

Salt Lake:-

Another famous place in Kolkata is “Salt Lake”, it includes salt lake central park, residential district and many more. This place is famous for bird watching, salt lake stadium hosts soccer games, Nicco park with water slides, Bengoli restaurants and many more. So it’s a complete hub of many things so it is almost crowded with people. So bike pooling helps you to reach this place quickly.

Ecospace – Business Park:-

Another most famous location in Kolkata is “Ecospace Business Park”, it is the 1st multi-user business park. It has more than 2 million sqft of office space. It is the best place to work and start your business. Several people set up their offices so this is also one of the most crowded places in Kolkata. Millions of people up down on the daily basis via bus, or car but due to excessive jam it takes a lot of time to reach at this place. But thanks to bike pooling, one can easily cover up the long route in a less time.

Merlin Recreation Club:-

Kolkata is a place where you will find lots of amazing thing, and Merlin Recreation Club is one of it. This place is famous for office meetings, corporate workshops, product exhibitions, get-togethers etc. as being the most popular place in Kolkata, the route of this area is quite crowded with vehicles and pedestrians. So bike sharing is one of the smartest solutions to cover up the long route in a short interval of time.

Gitanjali Park – Parnashree:-

Huge number of people commutes between Gitanjali park to parnashree, because Gitanjali park is one of the largest IT park that is situated in Kolkata. Bike pooling on the other hand gave the best solution to the people who travel on the daily basis to this place.

Candor – TechspaceJoke:-

It is 29km long route, from candor techspace to joke, many people commutes this route on the daily basis. But being the busiest route, it is not possible for the people to reach this place in a less time. Whether you are taking public transport or vehicle, it is really hectic to travel in the traffic congestion place. So bike sharing came up with a solution that not only helps you to beat the jam but you can even reach your destination at a less time.


It is 55km long route, and travelling this route gives you a feel that you are travelling to a planet because of traffic congestion. So just imagine the life of daily commuter, you travel on the daily basis through this route. Thanks to bike pooling, it gives the best solution to the people and helps them to reach at their desired location in a lesser time and at a lesser price.

Fare of popular Bike pooling in  Kolkata Location

Origin Destination Fares
Kolkata New Town Eco 35
Kolkata Park 40
Kolkata Nicco park 50
Kolkata Salt lake 65
Kolkata Ecospace business 45
Kolkata park 70


Merlin Recreation




Gitanjali park parnashree 65
Kolkata Cantor TechspaceJoke 50
Kolkata Bally Bantala 45

Kolkata the city of joy, it the second largest metropolitan cities in India, being the metropolitan city it is densely populated. And here most of people came out to accomplish their 9 to 5 job. It has good public transportation and other modes of transport but still this city faces the major problem that is “Traffic congestion”. To reach popular location, it takes lot of time, but with the concept of “bike sharing” where the owner can share rides with the fellow rider and share the fare prices. It is one of the best techniques to cope up with the problem of traffic jam. So here I have mentioned the popular location in Kolkata as well as the fares prices.

FAQ  on Bike pooling (Frequently asked questions):-

  • What do you mean by Bike pooling?

Bikepooling is actually an online platform that is established to cope up with traffic issue, it connects riders with pillow rider so both can reach their destination quickly and at a lesser rate.

  • What does carpooling means?

It simply means sharing one vehicle, in carpooling the car owner chooses its fellow rider who will go to the same route, they share the fuel prices and can reach their destination quickly. This help in decreasing the rate of pollution and number of vehicles.

  • What is the difference between Bike pooling and carpooling cab services?

bikepooling doesn’t offer cab service, it is just an online platform that connect rider with the fellow rider.

  • How does bike pooling works?

Any car owner who want to share its vehicle to the fellow rider who want to go  to the same place where he is going, so they first register themselves in bikepooling and when both the part mutually accept it other invitation they can drive the car. It is a secure platform, both parties can chat and call each other but the phone number isn’t visible to any one of them. Once the ride is completed both the parties get points.

  • What do you understand by bikepooling wallet?

Bikepooling wallet means a payment method, where users can seamlessly transect when they ride the vehicle.

  • What does Bikepooling points means? And what is the use of such points?

When the ride gets completed both the parties get points or rewards which can be used as a shopping vouchers or cards. It can also be used while transecting for the trip.

  • What are benefits that rider gets from bikepooling?

The users get more benefits as they can spilt the amount of travelling, it also help them to reduce the pollution and number of vehicle on the road. With this platform they can reach at their destination quickly.

  • Is such platform is secure?

It is open for professional rider, before anything they first verify the users with its corporate email. They even make sure the chat and call are done privately and the numbers is also not visible to the riders as well.

  • What does recurring trip means?

Posting daily trip is a hectic task so recurring trip auto generates the daily commute between driver and fellow driver.

  • Can anyone alter its recurring trip?

Yes, it allows you to cancel you single trip, but it also recommend to stop the recurring trip when you are not available for multiple days.

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