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Bike pooling in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the most beautiful cities in India, it is also known as the “Pearl city of India” and one of the IT hubs of India as well. Being the most beautiful cities it receives lot of footfall throughout the year, people from all over the world come to explore this amazing city. This city has various attractive spots that are Charminar, Golconda fort, Ramoji film city, hussain sagar lake, birla mandir, jala vihar, chowmahalla palace etc. these are some of the attractive places which attracts tourist from all over the world. Check the Article on Bike pooling in Hyderabad

Bike pooling in Hyderabad

After the establishment of IT sector and some other industries help this city to grow rapidly than other cities in India. So it is one of the developed cities in India, it has lots of attractive places, IT sectors, multi-national companies and because of these it has developed rapidly. Since we all know every developed or developing faces the two major problems which are pollution and traffic congestion.

Over the years there were rapid increment in the number of vehicles and that leads to traffic congestion. Office goers and travelers who regular travel know the situation of traffic in Hyderabad, they have to spend a lot of time in travelling because some area too congested where traffic is slower than a snail. So the situation is really irritating and due to this the level of air pollution also increased. Hence it was the challenging task for the people as well as for the government. The public transport system in Hyderabad is really nice, but still that is not enough to solve the problem of traffic and pollution.


So everyone was in the need of permanent and effective solution for this problem. Some people started using cabs but still the problem was remained constant. Thanks to bike pooling, it is the best solution for traffic congestion as well as pollution. It emerged as the effective solution to these problems, the roads which are most congested during the peak hours can be covered with the help of bike pooling.


Being the developed city, there are lots of vehicles which run on the roads and due to that it leads to heavy traffic jam, but bike pooling basically help the rider to share its ride with the fellow rider and after reaching the destination he charge the fuel price from him. Through this it helps in controlling the number of vehicle and both the parties can reach to their desired destination on time.

Bike pooling is not only helpful in controlling the vehicle on the busy routes but it also friendly for the environment when the number of vehicles get decreased, then the consumption of fuel also get decreased alternatively.

During the peak hours, commuting to the popular routes is like a nightmare, but bike pooling changed the life of regular traveler by giving them a permanent and effective solution for this problem. Bike sharing turned out to be the most effective solution for traffic congestion, it made travelling faster, and simplier. Even busiest route can be covered in less time with the help of bike pooling. Through bike pooling you can easily find your fellow riders, and commute quickly and easily.


Benefits of bike pooling

Bike pooling or bike sharing has emerged as the smart solution for this problem, people who faces hardship during travelling through busy routes can cover up such difficult routes easily with the help of bike pooling. Bike pooling has several benefits, let’s discuss some:-

  1. Bike pooling helps to cover the long and busy routes quickly.
  2. It is affordable, as the rider divides the fuel prices and sometimes the charges are lower than public transport so it is cheap.
  3. Vehicles like cars take lot of time as it stuck in traffic and it cannot go in the narrow roads but bikes can easily go on narrow roads that are the reason the traveler can reach to the destination on time.
  4. Most of the developed area has good connectivity through public transport like metro, local trains, but some areas have poor transportation connectivity. So in that case also bike pooling help to cover up such routes as well.

Popular location – Bike pooling in Hyderabad

As Hyderabad is one of the finest cities in India, so it has some popular routes which are mostly crowded with vehicles, pedestrians and office goers. But these routes can also be covered with bike pooling, so let’s discuss the popular location in Hyderabad.

  1. Kukatpally – Gachibowli:-

It is one of the popular routes in Hyderabad, kukatpally to gachibowli connects corporate hub and the residential area. gachibowli is a hub of various business parks, tech companies, educational institutes, etc. so this route is crucial for IT employees and increase in traffic congestion creates trouble for the office goers. But the concept of bike pooling emerged as the important step regarding this problem. So with the help of bike pooling one can commute easily and effectively.

  1. Nanakramguda – Kukatpally:-

This is another busiest route in Hyderabad, nanakramguda is basically a financial district of this city and the hub of special economic zones, and business parks. On the other hand kukatpally is basically a residential sector so these routes are quite busy during peak hours. So the people who regular take this route understand the situation of traffic in this area, and during the peak hours the traffic is really slower. But with the help of bike pooling one can easily cover up this route quickly and at a less price. It is also helpful in decreasing the number of vehicle on this route and so the traffic as well as the carbon emission can be controlled through this method.

  1. HITEC City – Kukatpally:-

One of the most popular routes in Hyderabad is “HITEC City to Kukatpally”, where HITEC city is the hub of IT sector in Hyderabad. This place is full of Information technology parks so it plays an important role in this city. The distance between HITEC city and Kukatpally is very short but because of traffic congestion it looks long and annoying. So travelling through this route isn’t easy but if you use bike pooling you can cover up this route in a less time because two-wheelers can take shorts and can even go through narrow route. So if you are a traveler who travel from this city then you can use bike pooling and each to the destination quickly.

  1. Gachibowli – Miyapur:-

Hyderabad is one of the developed cities in India, and every developed city has lots of routes which are busy during peak hours, Gachibowli is actually a corporate district of Hyderabad and a hub of business parks, IT company offices, universities, educational institutions etc. on the other hand Miyapur is a residential area that has various apartments so both these routes are busy and travel through cars and public transport are really annoying and time consuming. The distance between these routes is 13km and because of traffic congestion it takes lot of time to reach. And now the situation has become more adverse as day by day the number of vehicles is increasing, so bike pooling came up as an effective solution for this problem. And it also helpful in decongesting the road and helps you to reach the location in less time.

  1. Nizampet – Gachibowli:-

Another popular residential area in Hyderabad is “Nizampet”, it is one of the fastest growing residential area and also one of the corridor of information technology in Hyderabad. Gachibowli is a home of various IT companies, so this both the routes are quite busy and travelling through such route is equivalent to a nightmare. Due to rapid increment in the number of vehicle it leads to the heavy traffic jam and people who regularly travel through such routes faces a lot of problem. But bike pooling is helpful in addressing the problem of traffic congestion and at the same time it is also helpful in decreasing the number of vehicle.

  1. Gachibowli – Manikonda:-

It is a commercial and residential town in Hyderabad, Manikonda has developed rapidly due to the establishment of several software companies. The distance between Gachibowli to Manikonda is 8km but due to traffic congestion it is difficult to commute during peak hours. But bike pooling changed the life of office goers, it makes travel faster and easier. Bike pooling not only made travelling simple but it also help in decreasing the level of air pollution.


Fares- Bike pooling in Hyderabad

Kukatpally Gachibowli 20 35
Nanakramguda Kukatpally 30 40
HITEC City Kukatpally 25 20
Gachibowli Miyapur 40 40
Nizampet Gachibowli 45 45
Gachibowli Manikonda 50 25


So these are the popular routes which are also crowded with vehicles and pedestrians. But bike pooling came up with an effective solution for this problem. Bike pooling not only helps you to reach at your destination faster but it is also cheaper than any other modes of transport. Through rpool you can easily find your ride and most amazingly the riders are verified professionals so it is safe and secure. It also offers cash less system that allow you to travel without worrying about the cash. So bike pooling is the effective solution for this problem and it also gives you the best travel experience.

Day by day there is a rapid increment in the number of vehicles so it leads to traffic congestion but bike pooling helps to decongest this traffic jam and help the people to reach their desired location quickly.

FAQ  on Bike pooling (Frequently asked questions):-

  • What do you mean by Bike pooling?

Bikepooling is actually an online platform that is established to cope up with traffic issue, it connects riders with pillow rider so both can reach their destination quickly and at a lesser rate.

  • What does carpooling means?

It simply means sharing one vehicle, in carpooling the car owner chooses its fellow rider who will go to the same route, they share the fuel prices and can reach their destination quickly. This help in decreasing the rate of pollution and number of vehicles.

  • What is the difference between Bike pooling and carpooling cab services?

bike pooling doesn’t offer cab service, it is just an online platform that connect rider with the fellow rider.

  • How does bike pooling works?

Any car owner who want to share its vehicle to the fellow rider who want to go  to the same place where he is going, so they first register themselves in bikepooling and when both the part mutually accept it other invitation they can drive the car. It is a secure platform, both parties can chat and call each other but the phone number isn’t visible to any one of them. Once the ride is completed both the parties get points.

  • What do you understand by bike pooling wallet?

Bikepooling wallet means a payment method, where users can seamlessly transect when they ride the vehicle.

  • What does Bike pooling points means? And what is the use of such points?

When the ride gets completed both the parties get points or rewards which can be used as a shopping vouchers or cards. It can also be used while transecting for the trip.

  • What are benefits that rider gets from bike pooling?

The users get more benefits as they can spilt the amount of travelling, it also help them to reduce the pollution and number of vehicle on the road. With this platform they can reach at their destination quickly.

  • Is such platform is secure?

It is open for professional rider, before anything they first verify the users with its corporate email. They even make sure the chat and call are done privately and the numbers is also not visible to the riders as well.

  • What does recurring trip means?

Posting daily trip is a hectic task so recurring trip auto generates the daily commute between driver and fellow driver.

  • Can anyone alter its recurring trip?

Yes, it allows you to cancel you single trip, but it also recommend to stop the recurring trip when you are not available for multiple days.

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