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Bike pooling in Chennai

Chennai also known as the major film production centre and previously it was known as “Madras”. It is one of the smart cities of India, and it is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is also one of the most populated cities of India, and most amazingly it is a hub of information technology industry. As we know the population of metropolitan cities is too large, hence Chennai has large number of population, and because of population explosion the city now slowly becomes waterless. The major reason behind the rapid increment is not only the habitants but also the people who just came to visit the place and then get settled there. Check the article on bike pooling in Chennai

Bike Pooling in Chennai

Every year lots of tourist come to explore the beauty of Chennai, not only local tourist but tourist from different also comes to visit this place. But the problem is some them are started residing in the same city, and due to this it leads to traffic congestion and that makes the situation even worst.

So the people of Chennai suffer a lot, because traffic congestion delayed their work and that’s makes travelling annoying. Chennai has one of the best public transportation like metro railway, local trains, government bus facility, taxi, etc but even though they suffer a lot while travelling. The chennaites want the faster means of transport where they can easily reach their destination. Every problem has some solution, but there is smart solution available for these types of cities who are facing problems while travelling.

This smart solution is able to beat traffic congestion and you can reach your destination faster. That smart solution is “Bike pooling in Chennai”, bike pooling means sharing the ride while going to your workplace is one of the easiest solution of this problem. It helps you to reach your destination faster and it is cost effective. With fellow rider the rider shares the fuel price, so it makes the journey cheap and both can reach their destination quickly. Sometime it is also cheap from the public transport, so this is known as “Bike pooling in Chennai”.

Chennai is one of the most rapid growing cities in India, and because of its rapid development travelling has become one the most annoying task, and sadly public transportation like, bus, local trains, is also not able to solve this problem. So to solve this problem “bike pooling” or “sharing rides” concept plays a significant role in solving this major problem in metropolitan cities like Chennai. And because of this solution the daily travelers can reach their destination hassle freely, and smartly.

This concept also helps to make the environment greener and pollution less. When this concept got introduced in Chennai the demand for ride-sharing has also increased, through app people can easily locate their location and find their pillow rider.

Bike pooling is the effective method where people can reach destination quickly and at a lesser price. So let’s discuss the popular bike pooling routes in Chennai:-

Popular routes for bike pooling  in Chennai

1)     Sholinganallur – Velachery:-

As the demand for bike pooling is increasing day by day, and we all know Chennai is not only popular in India but in other countries as well so it has some popular routes. “SholinganallurVelachery” is one of the popular routes in Chennai, it is located at the southernmost part of Chennai. The information technology has spread its wings in this area and made this locality superior. Even most of the IT parks are also opened in this area, and the IT head office is also located in this area. So it has a great significance, and there are lots of migrant employees who generally prefer to stay in this arena. It is 13Killometres long route that can easily be covered with bike pooling app, and most amazingly it cost less than ac bus.

2)     Sholinganallur – Thoraipakkam:-

Sholinganallur is a relevant town of southern Chennai, this town in Chennai is totally changed due to the establishment of information technology, because of IT now added in the map of Chennai corporation. Thoraipakkam is another famous IT town in Chennai and it is mostly crowded with migrant people of Chennai. These towns are very populated as most of people reside on it. As development is taking place every day and due to this these two towns also get popular and populated in Chennai. So bike pooling is only means where you can reach this place quickly.

3)     Perungudi – Sholinganallur:-

Perungudi is close to IT sector and sholinganallur is already an IT hub, it is also a very crowded place. No matter which public transport you chose to cover this route, you cannot cover it within an hour, so the only option that can work in this place is bike pooling, and this is the best option for such havoc traffic area.

4)        Mugalivakkam – Sholinganallur:-

Another populated area in Chennai is “MugalivakkamSholinganallur” this place is close to the Chennai Bengaluru highway. It is also an important IT point, and due to rapid development this creates havoc jam for the people who reside in this place. Sholinganallur is also an IT based town, these both places have many offices and skycrappers, so it is actually very populated, so to reach this place on time the only solution for this is Bike pooling. Bike pooling helps people to cover this area in a short duration and it also lesser in cost.

5)     Medavakkam – Adyar:-

Adyar is situated at the beginning of OMR road, it is actually a gateway of IT corridor. It has number of parks, apartments, educational institutions that is reason it is mostly crowded. This place carries Tamil legacy and mostly populated by inhabited outsiders. It is 20Killometres long route that can be easily covered by the bike pooling.

6)      Sholinganallur – Tambaram:-

Tambaram is located at the easternmost part of the Chennai city, most interestingly it is one of the oldest localities in Chennai. As you know Chennai was once known as “Madras” and this city has seen this transformation. It is already densely populated. SholinganallurTambaram is the IT town of Chennai and it is known for its tech parks. It has number of offices, skycrappers and with other area this place is also very populated. Many local people and foreigners visit this place and travel from one place to another. So people of this area highly use bike pooling for their day to day travelling purpose, you can easily cover this long route in a short time only with bike pooling.

7)    Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR):-

It is a primary gateway to the east coast, it has real estate, residential colonies, IT corridor this place is highly populated in Chennai. During peak hours it is not possible to cover this road within an hour but with the help of bike pooling you can cover this long route quickly than any other mode of transportation.

8)       T Nagar:-

It is an important shopping district in India, and we all know there are lots of people who love to do shopping. But this place not only popular among shoppers in from Chennai but among all over India. This place is over populated so the use of bike pooling is truly large in this area.

9)         Guindy:-

This place of small to medium scale industries, important landmarks like guindy national parks, because of it sees a massive inflow of vehicles and pedestrians. But thanks to bike pooling you can easily cope up with this problem and can reach your destination quickly and easily.

10)       Ambattur Industrial Estate:-

It is the most important small scale industrial estate off south aisa, it has more than 1800 houses of small industries. During office hours this place has havoc traffic, but with the help of bike pooling you can easily cover this route and reach your destination quickly.

11)        Koyambedu:-

It is an activity hub, and has koyambedu market and CMBT which are mostly during day and night. So to cope up with this problem the only solution that is effective is bike pooling.


So these are the top 11 densely populated place in Chennai, as being the populated metropolitan city the problem of traffic was high. Public transports like bus, local trains, metro were not so effective in solving traffic problem. But bike pooling in Chennai has changed the scenario and gave a smart solution for this major problem. With apps you can share your ride with the pillow rider, and it not only help you to reach the destination on time but it also cheap if you compare it with other modes of transport. These 11 routes are highly crowded and before bike pooling it was not possible for the people to reach their destination on time. But now long route can also be covered with this smart solution that is “Bike pooling” and “ride sharing”.

Fares – Bike pooling in Chennai

Sholinganallur Velachery 45
Sholinganallur Thoraipakkam 40
Perungudi Sholinganallur 30
Mugalivakkam Sholinganallur 35
Medavakkam Adyar 80

Old mahabalipuram road (OMR)

T Nagar


Ambattur industrial estate


Tambaram 90





     FAQ  on Bike pooling (Frequently asked questions):-

  • What do you mean by Bikepooling?

Bikepooling is actually an online platform that is established to cope up with traffic issue, it connects riders with pillow rider so both can reach their destination quickly and at a lesser rate.

  • What does carpooling means?

It simply means sharing one vehicle, in carpooling the car owner chooses its fellow rider who will go to the same route, they share the fuel prices and can reach their destination quickly. This help in decreasing the rate of pollution and number of vehicles.

  • What is the difference between Bikpooling and carpooling cab services?

bikepooling doesn’t offer cab service, it is just an online platform that connect rider with the fellow rider.

  • How does bikepooling works?

Any car owner who want to share its vehicle to the fellow rider who want to go  to the same place where he is going, so they first register themselves in bikepooling and when both the part mutually accept it other invitation they can drive the car. It is a secure platform, both parties can chat and call each other but the phone number isn’t visible to any one of them. Once the ride is completed both the parties get points.

  • What do you understand by bikepooling wallet?

Bikepooling wallet means a payment method, where users can seamlessly transect when they ride the vehicle.

  • What does Bikepooling points means? And what is the use of such points?

When the ride gets completed both the parties get points or rewards which can be used as a shopping vouchers or cards. It can also be used while transecting for the trip.

  • What are benefits that rider gets from bikepooling?

The users get more benefits as they can spilt the amount of travelling, it also help them to reduce the pollution and number of vehicle on the road. With this platform they can reach at their destination quickly.

  • Is such platform is secure?

It is open for professional rider, before anything they first verify the users with its corporate email. They even make sure the chat and call are done privately and the numbers is also not visible to the riders as well.

  • What does recurring trip means?

Posting daily trip is a hectic task so recurring trip auto generates the daily commute between driver and fellow driver.

  • Can anyone alter its recurring trip?

Yes, it allows you to cancel you single trip, but it also recommend to stop the recurring trip when you are not available for multiple days.

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